Level 3

Official Kobido training kit

Learning with the Master of Kobido

8-minute extract from the 20 hours of training with the Kobido Master

- 24/7 access to more than 20 hours of educational videos produced by the Master of Kobido

- Direct access to the Master of Kobido

- Online course session in small groups given by the Master of Kobido

- Kobido training session in one of our schools for 199 euros

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Online Kobido Training Kit

You are also receiving a package from Japan containing the following products:

- Official Kobido learning manual of 160 pages in color

(The manual is in English, French and Japanese. The Spanish version for this summer)

- Official KOBIDO® postcards (samples in English, French, Italian and Spanish)

- Sakura KOBIDO® cleaner (Professional 500 ml)

- KOBIDO® Tropical Splash Toner (Professional 500 ml

- KOBIDO® Sakura ReHydration Serum (Professional 500 ml)

(Tropical Cleaner, Kobido Toner and Sakura ReHydration cannot be shipped to Spain)

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Improve your training

The courses are done online. If necessary, you have the possibility of doing a training day for 199 euros in one of our certified Kobido schools.

You will find the contact details of our schools above.

Please learn the videos online before signing up for a training day.

List of official techniques from Kobido International.

Learning these techniques is necessary in order to go to level 4

Chapter Three: Neck & Décolleté


Setting Up for Neck & Decollete

Spread the Products Across the Décolleté 

Technique 71: Willow-Brush Along the Clavicle

Technique 72: Paddle-Lift and Willow-Brush from the Shoulders to the Jaw

Technique 73: Melting-Stroke from the Jaw to the Shoulders 

Technique 74: Melting-Stroke from the Sides of the Neck to the Shoulders

Technique 75: Combination Melting-Stroke From the Forehead to the Chest

Technique 76: Paddle-Lift over the Neck

Technique 77: Paddle-Lift from the Shoulders to the Sides of the Neck

Technique 78: Circular Melting-Stroke Along the Side of the Neck

Technique 79: Circular Melting-Stroke for the Neck, Chest, and Shoulder

Technique 80: Paddle-Lift Over the Side of the Neck


Chapter Four: Techniques for Under the Jaw


Technique 81: Floating Willow-Brush and Feather-Stroke

Technique 82: Horizontal Up-Sweep Along the Jaw

Technique 83: Vertical Up-Sweep Along the Jaw 

Technique 84: Up-Sweep Along the Jaw with Two-Fingers 

Technique 85: Up-Sweep Along the Jaw with One-Finger


Chapter Five: Paddle-Lift Technique ‘Fusui’


Technique 86: Three Finger Paddle-Lift on Side of the Face 

Technique 87: Two Finger Paddle-Lift on Side of the Face

Technique 88: Two Finger Paddle-Lift over the Cheek

Technique 89: Three Finger Paddle-Lift along the Jawline

Technique 90: Two Finger Paddle-Lift along the Jawline


Chapter Six: Kobido Signature Techniques for the Cheek Region


Technique 91: Index Finger-Dancing at 90˚ with V-Support

Technique 92: Middle Finger-Dancing at 90˚ at V-Support

Technique 93: Index Feather-Stroke with Willow-Brush

Technique 94: Middle Feather-Stroke with Willow-Brush

Technique 95: Finger-Walking at 30˚ Over the Zygomatic

Technique 96: Finger Walking with Left Hand at 0˚ over the Zygomatic

Technique 97: Index Finger-Dancing with Finger-Walking

Technique 98: Middle Finger-Dancing with Finger-Walking

Technique 99: Pick-Up-Tap with Finger-Walking

Technique 100: Flick-Out with Finger-Walking

Technique 101: Finger Walking with Both Hands over the Zygomatic

Technique 102: Alternating Finger-Walking Over the Zygomatic

Technique 103: Scoop-up Over the Zygomatic

Technique 104: Finger-Walking Beside the Nose

Technique 105: Double Finger-Walking Beside the Nose

Technique 106: Alternating Finger-Walking Beside the Nose

Technique 107: Finger-Dancing with Finger-Walking Beside the Nose

Technique 108: Sweep-Tap with Finger-Walking Beside the Nose

Technique 109: Scoop-Up Along the Mandible

Technique 110: Alternating Scoop-Up Along the Mandible


Chapter Seven: Additional Techniques for the T-Zone


Technique 111: Willow-Brush Along the Jawline

Technique 112: Kneading the Chin with Finger-Walking

Technique 113: Finger-Walking Along the Edge of the Jaw

Technique 114: Finger-Walking on the Lips with the Left Hand

Technique 115: Finger-Walking Against the Lower Lip

Technique 116: Flick-Out Against the Superior Lip

Technique 117: Floating-Wave Over the Nasal Spine

Technique 118: Finger-Walking Along the Eyebrows

Technique 119: Finger-Walking the Eyebrows with Stacked Fingers

Technique 120: Finger-Walking on the Forehead with Stacked Fingers

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