Welcome to the Official Site of Kobido, Tokyo, Japan

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Pure, Organic Skincare
From Japan
Since 1472

Kobido Grandmaster's Home-Study Training

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The 26th Generation Grandmaster
​of Kobido. Tokyo, Japan

WARNING: Fake Kobido School and Instructors

We have been alerted to the presence of false Kobido schools and instructors. These schools and teachers illegally use our name and / or the name of Dr. Shogo. These establishments have no affiliation with us. Most of them teach and use techniques that are not Kobido.The list of our teachers approved to teach Kobido is available below.  We have received many complaints about the activity of fake Kobido teachers. They are imposters. The only instructor authorized under the name Kobido in France is Ms. Priscilla Defieux. Kobido has no other affiliated or authorized school in France. All other Kobido training programs are scams. Maison Kobido has no licensed or qualified instructor, neither in La Rochelle nor in Bordeaux in France. We also have no affiliations with the magazine Les Nouvelles Esthétiques.

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