Kobido Esthetic College, Tokyo Japan
Kobido's distance learning school

Level 1.jpg

Level 1

You will learn

30 most fundatementals techniques of Kobido Facial.

15 primary techniques for teason. This is simple but most frequently and fondamently techniques of Kobido.

You will begin study with a facial mannequin and on the face. You will also learn 18 examples of how to connect theses techniques to begin learn to creating Kobido Facial with theses techniques. 

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Level 2

You will learn

40 Kobido Facial techniques over the cheek region.

You will learn very unique Kobido Techniques like Finger Walking, Finger Tapping and Finger Dancing.

Level 3

You will learn

Additional 50 Kobido Officials techniques. 

10 techniques for the neck and décolleté 

10 techniques for the under jaw

20 techniques over the cheek

10 advanced techniques for the T zone

Level 4

This set includes

• Kobido learning manual of 128 pages in color,

(The manual is in English, French and Japanese)

• Access to over 22 hours of educational videos,

• Level 1 practical guide sheets (laminated),

• Official KOBIDO® postcards (samples in English, French, Italian and Spanish),

• KOBIDO® tropical cleanser (professional size, 500 ml),

• KOBIDO® Tropical Splash toner (professional size, 500 ml) with dispenser,

• KOBIDO® Sakura ReHydration Serum (professional size, 500 ml).

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