International Association of Kobido facialists

Kobido's Heritage


- Annual certificate issued by the International Association of Kobido facialists

- Invitation for Level 5 or higher learning sessions


- Invitation for training with the Master of Kobido in Japan

- Access to online courses (Live streaming) provided by the Master of Kobido


Exclusive Access to the Kobido online products' store for members

- Full Master of Kobido video access

- Display of business information on our website


- Kobido NYC, Natalia Farba


- Bracciano, Elisabetta Pittolo


Zurich, Sandra Salvatore

Great Britain

Londres, Francesca Mattesi


Colmar, Josaphat Saussay

Colmar, Corinne Saprie

Chatel Guyon, Laure Lioty

Neuilly sur Seine, Diane Pluchet

Ville d'Avray, Vera Hollan

People not appearing in this list have no connection with
Kobido school
or Dr. Shogo Mochizuki

Official List of Partners


- Annual subscription cost of 300 or $350 

Free available membership for Kobido products resellers with a minimum yearly products' purchase of €300 or $350

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